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Knotfest 2020 - 10 Bands Perfect For The UK Festival


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October 30, 2019

Despite this late October evening playing host to one of the first true chills of the impending winter, as Armed For Apocalypse (8) tear into their set the temperature within The Crofters Rights suddenly peaks to volcanic levels. Presenting a rapturous amount of heft and density within their primordial groove, the Californian punishers charge through material from last year’s Palm Reader EP with so much density it’s a surprise the foundations of...

October 25, 2019

Recognising the roots of a band can be a rewarding journey to see how far they have come and commend previous accomplishments. And that’s exactly what Slow Crush are doing with their latest release. Following their debut full-length album Aurora in 2018, the Belgian shoegazers are re-releasing the EP that started it all for them: Ease.

Their ability to transport listeners to faraway landscapes during the duration of each track exhibits their ease...

September 27, 2019

If there is a label to keep an eye on at the moment, it would have be Holy Roar. 2019 has seen the release of two pioneering records with Conjurer and Pijn’s Curse These Metal Hands and MØL's I/II, just to name a few. To put it simply, Car Bomb’s fourth release is unreasonably good. It is the auditory journey of being thrashed up and down in the ocean, smashed between pressure zones, observing both chaos and beauty.

The Long Island four piece made...

September 12, 2019

Originally formed as a one off commission for ArcTanGent 2018, a unison founded by a shared love of contemporary heavy music and Buckfast, the collaborative effort from Pijn and Conjurer has quickly become the album of the year contender for many a lover of riffs. We recently got in touch with Dan Nightingale (Conjurer, guitars, vocals) who broke down the record track by track, detailing the background, stories and inspirations behind e...

August 15, 2019

A meeting of minds at ArcTanGent festival last year saw rising the UK’s rising stars Conjurer and Pijn play what appeared to be a one-off set under the moniker Curse These Metal Hands, one that was rapturously received given both bands released arguably stellar albums that year too. 

Fast forward a year and coinciding with both bands appearing at this year’s incarnation of the same festival comes a collaborative effort carrying the same title tha...

June 14, 2019

Back in February 2018 we published an introducing feature on one danish blackgaze act titled MØL. Within that said article we hailed the act to the future of the lucrative global blackgaze movement and scene; a lofty claim indeed. Clearly however we weren’t incorrect with our judgements. Since the release of their simply phenomenal debut in April of that year the Danish blackened shoe gazers arose to become the prominent leaders of the European b...

May 21, 2019

It's almost surreal to think that it's almost been four months since the metallic hardcore bruisers in Ithaca released their full length debut The Language Of Injury. Released via Holy Roar, the record is still a highly celebrated staple within the national scene, with many attempting to decipher the meaning behind the tracks. Here, the band breaks down the stories and details behind each track on the record. 

'New Covenant'

This is actually the fi...

May 9, 2019

It’s amazing to think that two years have passed since Employed To Serve released their brilliant sophomore release The Warmth Of A Dying Sun. A ferocious slab of deep rooted loathing and animosity toward modern life, the record thrust the metallic hardcore collective into the spot light of the national heavy scene.

Considering the time that has passed since the release of this aforementioned record, one might be curious if the anger, bitterness a...

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