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The Anatomy Of Birthmarks | The Artists Behind The Band


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January 19, 2020

Sometimes it's not until push comes to shove that you find out what you're truly made of. And as New Jersey extreme metal trio Lorna Shore gear towards the release of their third full length LP Immortal: it's fair to say their backs are against the wall. The hill staring them in the face and daring them to attempt a climbing run has been thrust upon them through no fault of their own, this time last month the band were a quartet, and the departur...

July 17, 2018

The story of Immortal seems to be a little more fragile than their name may suggest. Surprisingly the ever-strong icon of Black Metal, Abbath, split from Immortal and the future of the band seemed to hang in limbo. For a while it would seem that Immortal would be no more and that Abbath would continue music under his own name Abbath. However, in August 2015 it was announced that Demonaz would return to guitars, which would be...

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