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August 31, 2020

As 21st century metal continues to evolve, few are as adaptable to change as Avatar. The Swedish giants have morphed into a multitude of lifeforms over their decade and a half long span. Yes, theatricality has remained the bands ultimate go-to, but as we reach a pivotal turning point for the five piece - their ability to change with the wind has never been more important. 

That wind change facing Avatar is, of course, the trials and tribulations o...

August 19, 2020

If there was a single world to describe the electro-punk outfit CLT DRP it would most probably be ‘provocative’. Every single concentrated element of the Brighton collective screams confrontation; their music is savage, they defy genre norms, frank sexuality is a vital competent of their outspoken message and if you’re not quite sure how to pronounce their namesake, just use your imagination.

However, the band aren’t just an act trying to for...

July 24, 2020

 Photo Credit: Tom Armstrong

It's not an overly grandiose claim to make that Bleed From Within's career can quite literally be split into two halves. From sonically, to line up & behind the scenes settings - the Scots have lead an almost Clarke Kent like double life: from the rough around the edges deathcore outfit - to front runners of modern British Metal, the five piece re-galvanised two years ago and never looked back. 

New record Fracture was...

July 16, 2020

“Just because The 1975 are the biggest guitar band in the world, doesn’t mean that we have to go full fucking 80s,” laughed Rob Flynn, bassist and vocalist of The Winter Passing. Not that they have anything against The 1975, but The Winter Passing wanted their second album to be a true representation of them. 

That album, called New Ways of Living, is a collection of deeply personal songs, and it’s one that we absolutely love. When starting the wr...

June 9, 2020

Candlemass are one of the giants of Doom Metal. On their 12th album, The Door to Doom in 2019, and having just followed this up with a fresh EP, The Pendulum, they show no signs of stopping. This interview was conducted with Leif Edling via email.

Noizze: "The Pendulum is entirely made up of extra tracks from the recording sessions for the previous album The Door To Doom. These must have been extremely productive sessions to have...

June 6, 2020

It's been a busy week for South Wales outfit Glass Heart. Whilst they gear up to release their new single they have also officially welcomed Drummer Samuel Gibbs to the fold, a member that has played live with the band for some time.Only two days past this and the band have announced they will be dropping their 4th single 'DARK' on the 12th June.

Having only been a band under this reincarnation since August 2019 the [then] trio have not put the br...

June 4, 2020

 Photo Credit: Dave Jackson

Picture the scene: it's the early 2000's, nu metal is still the biggest thing, Metallica are about to release St Anger, and the concept of streaming hadn't even been thought of yet - strange times indeed. If you did manage to make it to an extreme metal tour in this period, you may have seen 5 inexperienced kids take to the stage in Hawaiian shirts, and possibly be one of the first bands ever to play a death metal...

June 1, 2020

Local music venues are the lifeblood of the music scene. It is a statement we are all aware of, but one that unfortunately is a common point of discussion between music fans, due to the increasing challenges for venues.

You hear it all the time, support your small cap venues and ensure bands have somewhere to begin their journey. The importance of this cannot be overstated and lo and behold it is true. At this time when a fan's ability to physical...

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