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Heavy Music Awards 2020 Finalists Announced


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May 15, 2018

As the sun sets on Digbeth’s gorgeously eclectic Mama Roux’s, the tension piles into the venue as thickly as the crowd. Tonight, Cambridge alt-rockers Mallory Knox will grace the stage in Birmingham as a quartet for the first time, as new and old fans alike wait with baited breath to make their judgement on how their new line-up affects the dynamic of their performance. As three-hundred people stand with their eyes glued to the stage, there’s an...

October 12, 2017

Fozzy are by no means a new outfit on the scene of hard rock/metal, in fact Chris Jericho and co have been an active band since the late 2000's, trying their best to make a stage for themselves instead of being acknowledged as "The band that really famous wrestler sings in". It's come with ups and downs, and despite main stage appearances on the bill of Download Festival and some supercharged tracks like 'Enemy', Fozzy have never quite managed to...

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