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February 3, 2020

They emerged from the dark. They shook up the music scene as we knew it. They spread musical waves over unseen territory. Just a mere couple of years ago, Loathe invaded the scene with their debut EP Prepare Consume Proceed. Their unorthodox sounds and imagery made every listener's head turn, whether it was through praise or disgust. About five years later and the band is still spreading their roots even further and further, with many hailin...

December 11, 2019

Photo: Theodore Swaddling 

Yep, you read that title correct. In what can only be described as an act of divine intervention, the Knocked Loose, Malevolence, Renounced and Justice For The Damned tour unionised with the Stray From The Path, The Devil Wears Prada, Loathe and Gideon tour for a one off show in Bristol. We popped down to the SWX to capture the absolute carnage that unfolded.

Despite it being 5.15PM on a dull Tuesday afternoon, a qui...

August 20, 2019

So this week sees the third annual Heavy Music Awards take place and we for one are stoked! Who’s in the awards shortlist? Who’s playing? When and where is it? Here is a recap of everything you need to know...  

Following nominations from almost 600 industry insiders representing hundreds of organisations, the shortlists are truly representative of heavy music and on Thursday the winners will be announced. Categories include the likes of “be...

Photo: Gareth Bull

Bristol math rock three-piece Sœur’s (7.5) first set of the weekend was colossal. The harmonies of vocalist/guitarists Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver were hauntingly beautiful, a perfect juxtaposition with their meaty riffs. They flew through old favourites including ‘Fight’ and ‘Slow Days’ and treated us to newer material too. Their latest single, ‘Do What I Want’ sounded huge with the audience singing the words back to the band....

October 3, 2018

British prog-metal-er's, SikTH, took to the UK towards the end of last month and embarked on a short UK tour with the boys from Loathe. Connor caught up with them in Southampton- check his shots below. 

July 28, 2018

Loathe: Photo by Ryan Winstanley


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Run by musicians for musicians, TechFest is a living tribute to the survival of accomplished metal music. Its endurance tested by its apparent versatility. Giving a shout out to Tech Metal might feel as if only a few bands would qualify, but year on year, TechFest unleashes hordes of different...

 Photo: Paulo Gonçalves

Opening a stage at any festival regardless of its size and stature can be a daunting and towering challenge, even more so when you’re responsible for opening the main stage at the one and only Download Festival. Luckily, Boston Manor (8) both rise to the opportunity and smash it, showcasing their take on pop-punk tinged alt rock with confidence and finesse. Despite the act being atypically associated with the undergrou...

May 25, 2018

Teddy Rocks started as a solitary show back in 2012 with the means to raise money for children’s cancer, and ever since, it has continued to grow whilst also raising an astonishing amount of money for an incredible cause. This year Teddy Rocks returns bigger and better in every way. The line-up is stacked with exceptionally varied acts and the production quality rivals the biggest UK festivals. With each return the quality keeps improving. Luckil...

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