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Icantdie Announce New Single 'Counter' featuring Sean Smith


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March 23, 2020

South London emo alt-rock stalwarts Wallflower have finally announced the details surrounding their longly-awaited debut full length today, with Teach Yourself To Swim being self-released June 5th..

The follow up to their 2017 EP Where It Fell Apart, Teach Yourself To Swim will see the band drawing upon retrospective alternative influences. Showcasing this is the record’s first single ‘Hungry Eyes’. You can listen to the track below.

On the subject...

March 19, 2020

Bad news out the way first – due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, London punk witches Dream Nails will now be releasing their self titled debut on September 4th as opposed to next month. However, the band have released their latest single in the form of the righteously raging ‘Kiss My Fist’

A direct blow to the nose of all homophobes, ‘Kiss My First’ is a documentation of the abhorrent violence members of the LGBT+ face in everyday life. The track...

March 18, 2020

Babymetal are a story of quick sensations, sensations that usually happen in a rise and fall. It’s a story told many times, Babymetal are a combination of Japanese Idol Music paired with Metal, and the powerful internet fame of their song ‘Gimmie Chocolate’. The three incredibly young singer/dancers made a quick name for themselves, found a great backing band and toured the world meeting Metal Icons and wrote the story of a new kind of Metal: Kaw...

March 16, 2020

Given the spate of tour cancellations due to the ever worsening global pandemic it’s a wonder this show happened at all - especially since days later Employed To Serve announced they’d be suspending the remainder of the tour. There’s a somewhat subdued atmosphere in the bar area before the bands come on, a rarity for a hardcore show, but fortunately it’s in no way indicative of the night to come. 

Openers Cruelty (7) are all rage and vitriol,...

March 1, 2020

The first of two sold out nights in the stunning London Palladium, Dallas Green graced the UKs captial with a stripped back array of incredible City & Colour tracks both new and old. Support from the ethereal Bess Atwell. A truly exquisite show, check out the coverage from Dean here! 


February 27, 2020

The ever-expanding rock genre has been continuing to shift and broaden thanks to many rising bands who are unafraid to take a risk or do things outside the usual mould. London two-piece and best friends Nova Twins are one of the latest breakthrough acts to find themselves in a genre of their own. Constructed in a sonic world found in amongst rock, grime, DIY, punk and everything in between, Nova Twins continue to spread the word of their individu...

February 8, 2020

Composed of members of Fresh, Finish Flag and Happy Accidents, the lo-fi indie punk trio Cheerbleederz soundtrack the hidden sanctums of peace and love within the callous urban labyrinth that is inner London. Released on Friday via Alcopop! Records, the group's brilliant second EP Lobotany showcases this fact through gentle, pure but fierce indie punk. We got in touch with vocalist Kathryn Woods who detailed the meanings and inspirations beneath...

February 6, 2020

With thousands upon thousands of musical artists emerging from the woodwork, it’s not surprising that new bands are attempting to create new sounds and employ new gimmicks in an attempt to distance themselves from their competitors. Now don’t get us wrong, the fact that bands are probing new musical territories and fusing genres en-mass is nothing but wildly exciting. But even still, sometimes you just want something new that’s a bit more comfort...

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