Going Dark: An Interview with Glass Heart


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April 15, 2019

As with any gig of this stature, it’s commonplace for there to be hesitant and shy murmurs within the crowd prior to when the local support make the transition from soundcheck mode to performance mode. However, once Bristol’s Dirt (8) (The artist formally known as Bloodrag) kick into their set with a cartilage rattling bassline, it’s clear they are among instant friends tonight. The group live up to their namesake fully, providing filthy and toxi...

April 10, 2019

Last week the magical math poppers in Orchards stopped off in the west country for a wholesome evening at The Crofters Rights, Bristol. Joined by the fantastic FES and Dirt, sold out show was nothing less than a brilliant showcase of left field innovation. Check out the shows Ollie Weaver snapped below! 

July 3, 2018

Math pop. If common ignorant stereotypical perceptions are to be believed, these two respective musical genres can’t co-exist or interlace for they are polar opposites. Of course, such a belief is an absolute fallacy, with many innovative acts from around the globe channeling both of these genres to create inventive work. One such UK act who has created a sound that is the product of an amalgamation of these genre’s is Brighton’s Orchards, an act...

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