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September 18, 2018

 Photo: Joe Singh

It's difficult to pinpoint an act who embody the spirit of tasteful left-field experimentation more than Arcane Roots. Whilst at ArcTanGent we sat down with Jack Welch (drums) to chat about Melancholia Hymns, the Landslide EP, and upcoming electronic tour. 

Hi mate, you've got two sets ahead of you today, how you feeling about it?

Jack: Very excited. We haven't played here for a couple of years but last time we...

March 15, 2018

Despite it only being approximately 5 months since their last UK headline run, the master alchemists of modern progressive rock within Arcane Roots are back. Whilst many were suspecting their 2017 sophomore record Melancholia Hymns to be a success, no one anticipated how strikingly lucrative the record would be. The record propelled them from curious scene favourites to colossal leaders of their respective genre, with Melancholia Hymns gracing al...

September 8, 2017

Arcane Roots. A name that has been present in the finest up-and-coming British math/alternative scenes of the 2010’s. After 4 years, a member shuffle, continuous touring and an EP release – the trio have finally returned to give what may be some of their finest work to date in their 2nd full length release, Melancholia Hymns.

Spanning a strong 10-track duration, the pacing of the release really works perfectly in holding the listener into the mus...

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