Bad Nerves Announce Debut Record And Reveal New Video


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March 24, 2020

In a little corner of modern Metal, Heaven Shall Burn have occupied a powerful position. Their raw energy and powerful vocals have run at the core of their music. It's actually hard to exactly position where these Germans have put their music. It's strong Metal, it sounds modern and does well for most looking for a powerful punch. Over the years their style has been confident and lends itself to purely screaming. Like a modern Chimaira or perhaps...

February 26, 2019

As with any true progressive metal album, The Atlantic, the upcoming release from Evergrey, opens up with a brutal 8-minute audio assault featuring syncopated drum and guitar beats alongside the demonstration of a wide vocal range that manages to be simultaneously powerful yet soft. It’s an intriguing listen, that immediately becomes reminiscent of progressive metal favourites such as Alcest, Mastodon, or Pain of Salvation. At the same time thoug...

October 15, 2018

Long standing american metalcore kings Atreyu have returned with their newest venture; In Our Wake, the seventh studio album from the Cali boys, and it’s quite an experience. Following a two year tour of 2015’s Long Live album the bands return has been littered with fans clamouring for a return to Atreyu’s glory days where their sound was more distinctive and raw. 

‘In Our Wake’ promises to be a conceptual experiment of an album, giving all t...

August 28, 2018

Despite many countries producing many Melodic Metal or Melodic Death Metal bands, there will always be a certain something to be said for Scandinavian Melodeath. Finland’s Omnium Gatherum have certainly got the experience of 20+ years under their belt and this being their eighth album and first since they signed with Century Media Records after the success of 2016’s Grey Heavens, the band must be excited and easily have reason to be.

The Burning C...

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