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Icantdie Announce New Single 'Counter' featuring Sean Smith


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April 5, 2020

Heavy alternative outfit Icantdie have announced the release of their new single 'Counter' this evening. The trio that hail from South Wales have been relatively quiet since the release of their 3-track EP that was released in June last year. The EP offered up a consistent sound that hit hard and showed potential as well as giving an insight into where the band may head in the future. So now the band have finally reached the point of a new releas...

April 3, 2020

Since striding onto the South Wales scene in 2018, Scavengers have swiftly made a reputation for themselves. Today the band have unveiled the next stage of their career by announcing their debut EP and by sharing the video for their new first single “Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You’re Not Very Creative”

The first single from their forthcoming EP Are We Alone Now - self-released April 30th - ‘Self-Sacrifice Is An Art Form And You’re Not Very...

April 3, 2020

Despite hailing from an area blighted by excessive light pollution, Manchester’s Astral Bodies clearly have their eyes set on the stars above. With a profound fascination of the void above and it’s divine secrets, whilst the space obsessed post-metal trio may be relatively new to the game, their debut gives the impression of a group that have been scene mainstays for a considerable time. Recorded at No Studio alongside the esteemed Joe Clayton (P...

April 2, 2020

After being absent for appropriately two years, Lonely The Brave have returned with a massive new single in the form of ‘Bound’ and have announced that they have signed to Easy Life Records.

The group’s first track with Jack Bennet of Grumble Bee fame on vocal duties, today’s announcement is a triumphant return of the band. Displaying all the trademark qualities that made the band so originally irresistible and uplifting, ‘Bound’ hints towards a b...

Satan, The Devil, The Prince Of Darkness. Whatever you want to call him, it's safe to say the red skinned dude has been more than an inspiration to music as a medium since the dawn of time. In celebration of their forthcoming EP DRUGS,  a slightly cabin fevered Ashley Tubb of Bristolian doomgaze collective Sugar Horse got in touch to inform us of the best songs ever written about the dark lord below. 

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April 1, 2020

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from the lovable Bay Area math rock trio Covet. Thankfully however, the group have returned with a brand new jubilant single ‘Nero’, taken from their just announced sophomore release Technicolour.

Set to be released June 5th via Triple Crown Records, Covet's new record Technicolour is the succeeder to 2018’s Effloresce and is once again produced by collaborators Mike Watts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Glassj...

March 31, 2020

Originally forming in the relative pleasantry of Bristol prior to relocating to the filthy inner chambers of our national capital, Beggar have become a reliable source of underground excellence since their inception in 2011. Organically amalgamating callous extreme metal with adhesive sludge composed of bile and tar, Beggar are a proposition more than perfect for our ongoing global crisis. Whilst their forthcoming debut Compel...

March 30, 2020

Self-released just this Friday last, And The Rain Stopped - the debut from London based alt-rock trio Birthmarks - is a stellar offering that is essentially impossible within a singular stylistic pigeonhole. Within the suave and seductive long play Birthmarks discuss their open relationships with anxiety, loss, sex and obsession through a myriad of inspirations including, emo, trip-hop, electronica and more. With the record now out we got in touc...

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