Touché Amoré drop new single ‘Limelight’ feat. Andy Hull of Manchester Orchestra, detail new record!


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Photo: Gareth Bull

Bristol math rock three-piece Sœur’s (7.5) first set of the weekend was colossal. The harmonies of vocalist/guitarists Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver were hauntingly beautiful, a perfect juxtaposition with their meaty riffs. They flew through old favourites including ‘Fight’ and ‘Slow Days’ and treated us to newer material too. Their latest single, ‘Do What I Want’ sounded huge with the audience singing the words back to the band....

December 31, 2018

In hindsight, 2018 hasn’t been a particularly positive year. Leading on from the events of previous years, it’s been yet another twelve months of equal socioeconomic downfall and upheaval, with the times yet to come only continuing on this global downward spiral. Yet, with this in mind, this has proven to be the catalyst for an incredible year of music; potentially the best year for the music scene as a whole for some time. In turn, this only mak...

December 28, 2018

Following on from the first half of our list, (You can read part one here!) we continue to look at the bands who have made the biggest impact this year and have well and truly conquered our national scene. 


Imagine making a list of all the bands that have dominated the scene this year and not including Conjurer. Whilst rumblings of their impending breakthrough where felt not long after the release of their debut EP in 2016, the group...

 Photo: Dom Meason

Despite the odd smattering of precipitation which may have just been the result of the date being Friday the 13th, the second day of 2000 Trees 2018 was fantastic. With sets from Grumble Bee, Vodun, Creeper, Touche Amore, Jamie Lenman, Twin Atlantic and many, many more, you can imagine what went down. 

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Jack Bennett performs under the alias of Grumble Bee (8). He opened the Forest...

May 27, 2018

Kicking off day two, Weatherstate (8) bring their Descendants influenced, poppy, punk rock to the Vocalzone Stage. Performing to a small crowd at this early time in the day doesn’t affect the band as they sound tight and sound raw but completely polished. Even though the audience turn out wasn’t huge, they clearly pleased the crowd that were there. It’s exciting to see where the band will take their potential in the future.

Over to the smallest...

March 16, 2018

Last year we saw Milk Teeth release two brilliant EPs – Be Nice and Go Away. In celebration of the latter EP, the four peice announced a UK tour. We headed to their Bristol date to see what all the noise is about.

Nervus (7) are a breath of fresh air in the pop-punk scene; they’ve got a mature take on a classic punk rock sound, with uplifting, honest lyrics, and a solid grip on their sound. With two full-length LPs under their belt, this four-piec...

February 22, 2018

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the contemporary UK alt scene for a while now you’ve probably already spotted the name Nervus popping up all over the shop. From touring with the emo darlings in Creeper all the way to signing to the illustrious label that is Big Scary Monsters, the act seem to be enjoying the spoils of a blossoming career, one that is completely deserved considering their history. Whilst it was unanimously celebrated within certa...

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