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October 11, 2019

Siberia. One of most coldest regions on Earth and a place known for it’s stretching wastes of desolation. Many artists from history have drawn inspiration this isolated territory, finding the hidden beauty within it’s grim solitude. One such act are the Norwegian blackened hardcore collective Sibiir. Much like their respective black metal inspirations, the quintet have found inspiration and holistic beauty from the frozen swathes found within the...

September 25, 2019

The brilliant three-piece math grunge group Sœur have released their third EP, No Show. Building on the foundations of 2018’s Fight EP, No Show offers a fleeting glace into Sœur’s world of personal growth, neatly wrapping it up in grunge-infused guitar riffs.

The EP’s title track is comprised predominantly Sœur’s signature sound. Huge riffs quickly submit to stunning sultry vocals before exploding into a cleverly melodic chorus. Tina Maynard and A...

September 19, 2019

Hailing from the architectural splendour of Warsaw, Tides From Nebula faced a considerable change at the beginning of this very year, with the group making the transition to a three piece following the departure of Adam Waleszyński. Whilst the adjustments of a lineup can derail any band, many post-rock bands have met their untimely demise via the means of departing personnel. However, the Polish dynamos have persevered, with the group now being o...

August 29, 2019

Brighton’s Gender Roles are an embodiment of the city’s DIY music scene. Their debut album Prang is something unexpected. It’s grown from experiencing loss in a place as eclectic as Brighton, and from the off, the LP will have you invested and hanging on to its every note. 

The sweet and melodic sound of ‘You Look Like Death’ quickly gives way to some fast-paced riffs. Tom Bennett’s vocals are delivered with a clarity few bands of this calibre hav...

Photo: Dean Harries (WeTheDee)

The UK's best small festival came to town (or more accurately, a muddy field in Bristol) for its 2019 outing featuring arguably its best lineup ever, if not the best weather forecast. Punters have been arriving in droves since Wednesday night and with more on the way today, five thousand people will be descending on Fernhill Farm for a weekend of post-rock, math-rock, noise rock, extreme metal and absolutely everythi...

Photo: Gareth Bull

Bristol math rock three-piece Sœur’s (7.5) first set of the weekend was colossal. The harmonies of vocalist/guitarists Tina Maynard and Anya Pulver were hauntingly beautiful, a perfect juxtaposition with their meaty riffs. They flew through old favourites including ‘Fight’ and ‘Slow Days’ and treated us to newer material too. Their latest single, ‘Do What I Want’ sounded huge with the audience singing the words back to the band....

January 31, 2019

UK behemoths Architects took their Holy Hell tour to the Motorpoint Arena stage Cardiff 18/01 accompanied by the mighty Ohio-based Beartooth and the potent Australian metalcore outfit Polaris! Check out Dean's coverage below.


March 8, 2018

Last month Kieran joined the guys in While She Sleeps, Counterfeit and Blood Youth on their Bristol leg of the tour for a night of riffs and chaos!

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