"If we win over only a handful of people, it’ll be a success" - Introducing the cinematic electronica of Poisonous Birds


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May 19, 2020

If there is any modern band that consistently sets high benchmarks for themselves with each passing album prior to execceding  such benchmarks like it's second nature, it's Perth proggers Cailgula's Horse. With the release of their highly anticipated fifth album Rise Radiant drawing near, we got in touch with guitarist Sam Vallen to ask a few questions about the new record, member dyanmics, fatherhood, touring, Covid-19 and Steely Dan. 


April 22, 2020

For years now, the Boston psych-prog dreamers Elder have been a consistent and ever strangely calming presence. Through their myriad of releases, which spans EPs, spilts and a number of long plays, the group have proven their aptitude for elegantly intertwining prog heft with lush psych - an aural compound that soothes and allures.

The opening to Omens, the group's fifth full length, once again sets an ambient scene with intric...

April 16, 2020

After almost two years, the undefinable progressive powerhouse that is Protest The Hero have returned with a brand new single, new video and news on their hotly anticipated fifth full length record.

Released June 19th via Spinefarm Records, Palimpsest will be the group’s first release since the group’s Pacific Myth collection and their first full length record since 2013’s Volition. According to the band, Palimpsest will be the group’s “biggest so...

February 21, 2019

In the world of heavy metal in 2019, it takes a lot to stand out, especially if the band in question is still in its infancy. You might have a very talented line-up, or impressive songwriting skills, but where bands truly shine is their ability to stand out from the crowd. This doesn't necessarily mean re-writing the genre, but rather offering something that pushes music forward.

Mortanius are a fairly young band out of Pennsylvania, self describe...

October 26, 2018

Despite building their sound upon the commonly viewed blueprints of grunge, the arrival of the Nottingham trio Kagoule felt like the arrival of the warm winds of change when they released their debut Urth in 2015. A self-confused tribute to the attitudes, aesthetics and stylings of genre that has always remained influential, the record introduced us to an act who were never afraid to deter from roads of convention and pursue more eccentric endeav...

October 16, 2018

Opening proceedings not just for tonight but for this entire run are the math rock homeys in Chon (8). Since making their debut on our side of the pond in 2015, the San Diego prog rock collective have swiftly built a loyal and doted fanbase on our shores and going from tonight, it’s transparent to see why. Introducing the Welsh capital to the spoils of instrumental progressive math rock, Chon remove themselves from the aloof and uncommunicative t...

October 3, 2018

British prog-metal-er's, SikTH, took to the UK towards the end of last month and embarked on a short UK tour with the boys from Loathe. Connor caught up with them in Southampton- check his shots below. 

March 15, 2018

Despite it only being approximately 5 months since their last UK headline run, the master alchemists of modern progressive rock within Arcane Roots are back. Whilst many were suspecting their 2017 sophomore record Melancholia Hymns to be a success, no one anticipated how strikingly lucrative the record would be. The record propelled them from curious scene favourites to colossal leaders of their respective genre, with Melancholia Hymns gracing al...

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