Invenire Pondere Sanctuarii: Mysterious New Collective Plagues Have Emerged


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October 11, 2019

Siberia. One of most coldest regions on Earth and a place known for it’s stretching wastes of desolation. Many artists from history have drawn inspiration this isolated territory, finding the hidden beauty within it’s grim solitude. One such act are the Norwegian blackened hardcore collective Sibiir. Much like their respective black metal inspirations, the quintet have found inspiration and holistic beauty from the frozen swathes found within the...

December 27, 2016

So I’ve been a fairly busy bee this year. Between getting married, changing my job around 3 times and moving house music has kinda taken a back seat for the past twelve months. Therefore populating this list wasn’t as easy as it could have been as any new music I’ve listened to this year hasn’t really had the playtime it deserves to bludgeon it’s way into my ever dwindling little grey cells and stay there for longer than the duration of the album...

December 6, 2016

Since their inception in 2014, Norway’s Sibiir released a 7” in September 2015 entitled ‘Swallow & Trap Them!’ and are set to release their debut self-titled full-length on 14th December via Fysisk Format.

Initial impressions leave a familiar taste in the mouth, though it’s hard to tell why at first. With this in mind, the following few paragraphs will be littered with comparisons to other bands but rest assured, dear reader, for Sibiir have creat...

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