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June 26, 2020

Kent progressive post-metallers Ohhms are on the cusp of releasing their latest album Close; initially conceived of as the final part in a trilogy of works that began with 2014’s Bloom and was followed by Cold in 2015, Close does exactly that, coming full circle and is their most introspective work yet. 

With its mellow beginnings, all laconic drums and clean guitar, one thing opener ‘Alive!’ does well is to invite a false sense of security as aft...

June 23, 2020

UK-based noiseniks Wren have been underground darlings for some time and are set to unleash their third album Groundswells upon an unsuspecting world, promising “six melancholy-shrouded ruminations”, taking aim at fans of Neurosis, ISIS and Godflesh

Opening dirge ‘Chromed’ immediately sets the scene, arriving unheralded with a thunderous drum fill before jagged riffing and cathartic roars make themselves known. The band employ repeated riff patt...

April 20, 2020

Beggar are a band for the ever-darkening modern times. Originally forming in the suburbs of Bristol prior to relocating to the mire that is inner London, the group weaponise elements of doom, sludge, extreme metal and surprising suaveness that parallels the traumatising nihility that's rampant within our national culture.

With their brilliant debut long play Compelled To Repeat now out via APF Records, the band have quickly bec...

May 4, 2019

For most casual listeners, the fact that Kurokuma are signed to Off Me Nut Records shouldn’t raise any serious suspicions. However, for those with a knowledge of the underbelly of the national music scene, this fact would most likely raise an eyebrow. For those not in the know, Off Me Nut primarily promote and focus on alternative dance and rave artists and promoters, regularly hosting raves and parties up and down the country.

Whilst the thought...

October 31, 2018

For the majority, music is a form of escapism; a way to shut out and distance themselves from the mundane realities of life and the horrors we occasionally bare witness to. Such a media stands as a comfort and a way to influence our emotions in a positive manner. Whilst many bands take comfort and pursue the act of improving the attitudes of listeners, the polar opposite of the spectrum is home to those who chose to paint sonic portraits of just...

July 11, 2017

Arcanum is the latest outing from Staffordshire-based (mostly-) instrumental doomsters Space Witch. Clocking in at a mighty 44 minutes sprawled across just 4 tracks, Space Witch are clearly no strangers to writing long, long tracks.

‘Cosmonoid’ gets things moving, albeit at a pace slower than the average glacier. It’s slow, almost mournful to begin with, melody carried by the guitars and occasionally keys. We don’t actually see a change of pace un...

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