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January 24, 2019

Following from the first part of our feature (Which you can read here!), we present some more incredible emerging bands who are set to take the year by the horns. From electro-punk to black metal, there's plenty to sink your teeth into here.

Exploring Birdsong

Hailing from the historic streets of Liverpool, Exploring Birdsong are a unique product of the renowned music scene at the heart of the city. Taking the pop orientated fabric of their hometow...

February 16, 2018

Like your metal black, post- and shoegaze-y with atmosphere thicker than molasses? Nottingham’s Underdark might just have you covered. Melding the atmospherics of Wolves In The Throne Room with the navel-gazing of Deafheaven and progressive tendencies, Underdark create a raw and primal sound that envelops you and draws you into its murky depths.

Their upcoming split with fellow black metallers Antre showcases both bands admirably. The Winterfyllet...

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