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December 22, 2018

10. Now,Now - Saved
It's been six whole years since Now,Now released their last record. The duo's change to a new more electronic sound, with their own production, does them a great favour. Songs so dark they can make you feel their heartbreak vicariously.

9. Hellions - Rue
"Try developing a NEW sound in 2018" is one of the YouTube comments below the video for "X (Mwah)". Yet Hellions did that. Combining... well, about everything. Punk rock. Funk....

April 7, 2018

Underoath is a name immediately recognised by everyone who enjoys rock and post-hardcore, even if they’ve never listened to a single Underoath record. As a band renowned for experimenting with sound and consistently pushing boundaries with releases, the announcement they made in 2012 regarding their disbandment was met with great sorrow.

Now, the band are back on the scene with their newest musical venture Erase Me, the latest addition to the band...

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