New Ways Of Living: Track By Track With The Winter Passing


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January 28, 2020

Norwegian dungeon synth/dark ambient masters Mortiis bring us their latest offering – Spirit of Rebellion. Upon first listening, it becomes immediately apparent that this album takes a different turn from their most recent discography and instead returns to the dungeon synth of their early 90s (“Era I”) material, back when it was still the solo project of Håvard Ellefsen (better known as Mortiis, the namesake of the band).

The album is intended as...

May 29, 2018

When it comes to industrial music, there seems to be a very clear divide. German Industrial is so unique, so powerful and so big. It’s instantly recognisable. The strong beats accompanied by industrial sounds and oomph-esque guitars. Gottwut aren’t long on the scene, coming from 2015 and actually, in a twist, coming from Moscow and not Germany at all. However, the German sound is so inherent to their sound that the influence is unmistakable. Kong...

June 20, 2017

I find that Industrial Metal tends to fall in to two categories. Whereas Metal can have a lot of strength or aggression to it, industrial can be experimental and has almost a bouncy quality to it. So Industrial Metal either favours the strong aggressive powers or falls into the club dance beat. Neither is better than the other but you tend to find that they feel one or the other.

Freakangel have the strength of Metal but definitely fall into that...

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