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The Anatomy Of Birthmarks | The Artists Behind The Band


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February 4, 2020

Dimmu Borgir had their 25th anniversary back in 2018. They have become part of the ongoing trend of many long time Metal acts celebrating first albums and 20+ years of bringing us amazing and powerful music. There was a time when Dimmu Borgir were at the forefront of the extreme metal world, but much like the other big band of that day, Cradle of Filth, there is a sense with which they have fallen out of the spot light. For Dimmu Borgir, this mig...

August 13, 2019

As one of the kings of the hill when it comes to deathcore, Carnifex are in the winner’s circle when it comes to the top spot. With their newest offering World War X, the Cali-quintet are bigger, bolder and darker than ever.

Straight out the gate the title track boasts a blackened orchestral opener not unlike something you would see on some big budget movies or a Call Of Duty loading screen (depends how you look at that one). Thematically this rea...

May 7, 2019

If you find straight up doom metal can be a bit too depressive and desolate at times, but you find power metal too happy and fast-paced, then Monasterium’s blend of epic doom is for you.

Polish epic doom metallers Monasterium release their second full-length album Church of Bones. Monasterium’s sound is very traditional heavy/doom, making them sound almost like a time capsule from the early 80s, newly rediscovered. Although despite the traditional...

January 31, 2019

UK behemoths Architects took their Holy Hell tour to the Motorpoint Arena stage Cardiff 18/01 accompanied by the mighty Ohio-based Beartooth and the potent Australian metalcore outfit Polaris! Check out Dean's coverage below.


January 15, 2019

Some Blackened Death Metal is Death Metal with more Satanic themes, some is Black Metal with hard hitting and sometimes down tuned guitars. In a genre with already blurred lines, Blackened Death Metal sits at that blurred point. It's always darker than Death, stronger than the haunting atmospheres of Black Metal. Master's Call are another Brummy born up-and-comer. Their debut EP Morbid Black Trinity is approaching us soon – January 25th.


August 21, 2018

With some industrial elements, Stillbirth are a Death Metal/Grindcore band from Germany. Annihilation of Mankind marks their fifth studio album since 2015’s Global Error. Despite the raw aggression that tends to accompany many Grindcore acts, and the short song structures that accompany their absolute burst of balls-to-the-wall power; this isn’t the end all formula for these bands. The precision and technical proficiency can take some bands from...

August 14, 2018


Unanimated are a band whose journey go back a long way to 1988 but have since had their fair share of hiatus’ and turmoil to get where they are. This Swedish Death Metal band had reunited I 2007 after a 11 year hiatus and after 2009’s In the Light of Darkness, have since not released an album. They have, however, recently signed a three album deal with Century Media Records and just as a small tease of what could come soon, we have Annihilation...

August 12, 2018

In conversation with Loathe to discuss their music and the festival whilst at TechFest the UK Tech Metal festival!

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