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Adam De Micco: "We Put Out What I Don't Feel I'm Getting Anywhere Else"


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November 11, 2019

The wild and scrappy Dune Rats have experienced one hell of year thus far. Despite hailing from the distant humidity of Brisbane, Australia, the Aussie punks have swiftly established a name for themselves on our shores this year following a whirlwind of a tour that also included a stop at the award winning 2000 Trees Festival in mid-July. Even after visiting all four corners of the globe this year, the group are set to continue their streak of su...

April 30, 2019

Belzebubs are not the sort of metal band one comes across often, in that the ‘band members’ presented to the public are actually fictional, animated characters! The band itself is a spin-off of the eponymous web comic. For those of you unfamiliar with it, it’s like a cross between Nemi, Metalocalypse and the Addams Family. The comic mainly follows Sløth the guitarist and vocalist of Belzebubs, and the day to day life of his band and family;...

January 22, 2019

Brighton Post-Hardcore outfit Rivers Becomes Ocean following their latest EP December are set to release their debut album A Motion Paralysed. A collection of songs that takes influence from cinematic scores and adding the trademark Hardcore elements the four piece have been fine tuning over the previous releases. Looking to give the album a tug of war of different styles, that seamlessly co-exist to really showcase what the boys can deliver.

A Mo...

January 22, 2019

Those unfamiliar with the intensely flavoured wavelengths of Iced Earth axeman Jon Schaffer will surely be set to climb aboard another horror fan club affair with a brand-spanking new EP release; combining the forces of old Iced Earth era musicality to form a past remedy of Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory. Along with Schaffer joins the historic ex-Iced Earth members of vintage lead guitarist Bill Owen and the enduring vocalist Gene Adam; enforcing the o...

January 15, 2019

Some Blackened Death Metal is Death Metal with more Satanic themes, some is Black Metal with hard hitting and sometimes down tuned guitars. In a genre with already blurred lines, Blackened Death Metal sits at that blurred point. It's always darker than Death, stronger than the haunting atmospheres of Black Metal. Master's Call are another Brummy born up-and-comer. Their debut EP Morbid Black Trinity is approaching us soon – January 25th.


December 25, 2018

Since reforming in 2016 Swedish Doom machines Mourning Sign are set to release their latest, heaviest and if anything slightly more prog sounding doom venture Contra Mordum. The first release since the bands departure from the scene in 1997 making this release filled with a sense of headbanging nostalgia and enough new tricks up their sleeves to really show that Mourning Sign are back and are as strong as ever.

The album opens with track ‘Dualism’...

December 25, 2018

New to making headways on the scenes of all things that go beyond Metal, Crevassian are an English quartet of post Metal atmospheres. Their instrumental approach to Metal has been grouped up into their debut EP, also entitled Crevassian. This marks a next crucial step for the band and may well build up a reputation for the band.

The four tracks of sheer atmospheres, echo the moods of sentimental and heavy guitar playing. For it is in the long and...

December 4, 2018

Those that are edgily unaware of the legacy of the astral Swedish Power Metal elite Veonity are about to fall through the evocative grasps of mankind and into the solemn hands of the boisterous vikings of Asgard with their jubilant third album release Legend of the StarbornVeonity are gratuitously known for their melodious speedy hooks and their trustworthy rendition of momentous European Power Metal and are ferociously armed and ready to recla...

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