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Inspirations: On And Off Record With VASA


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March 6, 2018

In the desserts of Texas comes forth a surprising tale of ‘love and despair’. Three albums in and Oceans of Slumber are beginning to climb their way higher. Coming a long way from both Texas and 2011, The Banished Heart is said third album. Bearing the Prog Metal cross and boasting a female lead vocalist, that feels like a slow Sharon den Adel at her deepest.

What comes in The Banished Heart is a long album bearing long songs with moments of melod...

December 20, 2016

Trying to come up with a top ten for this year has been a nigh on impossible task, let alone trying to rank some of the best music we’ve been exposed to in years. There have been some heavy hitters flying in left, right and centre and as much as I would love to mention all them, this is my top ten list of the best albums and EPs of 2016:

     1. Black Peaks – Statues

We’ve been waiting for a band like Black Peaks for a long, long time....

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