2000 Trees Festival announces 110 artists for 2021!


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September 4, 2018

Exploring Folk Metal, one of the big names to appear on an essential list would be Korpiklaani. The Finns have made a name for themselves with their forest dwelling Folk, drinking chants and thick doses of Metal with a rough vocal style. Their music is a lot of fun because of this. But now we have Kulkija

Their thirteenth album is a bit more of an exploration into other areas. Taking a calmer approach Kulkija, meaning ‘Wanderer’, certainly w...

March 1, 2018

You just can’t keep these sad lads down. Since releasing their debut EP last year, Dude Trips have been making waves within their respective Scottish scene, and for good reason. Whilst the national post-emo scene is becoming more and more saturated by the minute, the Aberdeenshire quintet successfully managed to distance themselves from the rest of herd with their raw and candid approach to the genre. Despite it being not even a year since the re...

February 21, 2017

The power of metal is it’s staying power and it’s sheer strength. It isn’t just catchy it empowers you. It can feel violent or smooth but as long as it does this then this will be a something that you return to years later. A lot of bands never achieve this, a lot will just be a part of the heavy sea of Metal. Every so often a song will come forth to grab you for a moment and if it’s good enough it’ll be the moment that stays forever. All Else Fa...

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