Through The Eyes: An Interview with Year Of The Knife


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December 25, 2018

New to making headways on the scenes of all things that go beyond Metal, Crevassian are an English quartet of post Metal atmospheres. Their instrumental approach to Metal has been grouped up into their debut EP, also entitled Crevassian. This marks a next crucial step for the band and may well build up a reputation for the band.

The four tracks of sheer atmospheres, echo the moods of sentimental and heavy guitar playing. For it is in the long and...

May 15, 2018

Every once in a while a band will explode on to the scene. These hits can sometimes be so unexpected that it feels impossible. This happens because a lot of the time bands start slow and people can sometimes back the wrong horse. Follow the Cipher are a Swedish Metal band and their debut album, which is a self-titled album, hit us May 11th. Already the album has gained a lot of attention in Metal circles, as the album has been backed by Nuclear B...

February 13, 2018

Bridgend metallers I Fight Bears have only been an outfit for a scant couple of years but have already amassed quite the resume, having toured with When We Were Wolves, Perpetua and Skies In Motion as well as recording alongside Michael Paget (Bullet For My Valentine) and Gav Burrough (Funeral For A Friend).

The band’s self-titled debut, mostly self-recorded bar some work with Paget, sits somewhere between the aforementioned BFMV and Killswitch En...

November 28, 2017

In an increasingly divided genre that sees new subgenres spring up all the time, it’s refreshing to see a band returning to the roots of the genre to play some no-nonsense rock and roll. Dublin’s Samarkind, formed just 12 months ago in 2016 and featuring vocalist David P. Byrne (Assassin, Friday’s Child) and guitarist Michal Kulbaka (Lancelot Lynx), are stripping the genre back to its bare essentials - heavy grooves and a massive dose of the blue...

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