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Adam De Micco: "We Put Out What I Don't Feel I'm Getting Anywhere Else"


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February 7, 2017

The End of Black Sabbath!
Black Sabbath are one of the most important Metal bands for the entire history of Metal and they recently ended their 50 years of music.

Gojira’s direction with the new album – sing or scream?

Gojira are a very interesting band for a lot of different reasons and they certainly have made their mark in Metal. I find Joe Duplantier’s comments on screaming very interesting; to scream or not to scream’s interesting to exp...

January 31, 2017

I’m starting to feel like something is happening in France. It feels like a bit of a sheering anger is making itself heard from the depths of France and I almost feel stupid not to have heard it sooner. One such dark presence comes in the form of The Great Old Ones, a Black Metal band from Bordeaux. You just wouldn’t see this coming. Making a foreboding shriek from such waters The Great Old Ones are coming at us. Evil never sounded so ominous.


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