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April 5, 2020

Being the only grind band in the village can’t be easy, and South Carolina’s WVRM can lay claim to in fact being the only one in their local scene. This hasn’t deterred them, however, from releasing several EPs, splits and LPs prior to this, their third full-length Colony Collapse. We’re immediately treated to ‘Walled Slum City’ opening with a wall of feedback and sampled speech before a retching scream signals the arrival of...

April 3, 2020

Despite hailing from an area blighted by excessive light pollution, Manchester’s Astral Bodies clearly have their eyes set on the stars above. With a profound fascination of the void above and it’s divine secrets, whilst the space obsessed post-metal trio may be relatively new to the game, their debut gives the impression of a group that have been scene mainstays for a considerable time. Recorded at No Studio alongside the est...

April 2, 2020

Though it's likely that your heart will flock towards their 2009 breakout record Nothing Personal when discussing Baltimore pop punk sensations All Time Low, the truth is, they quickly moved forward to chase something broader. The late 2000's saw outfits like themselves, You Me At SixForever The Sickest Kids, and We The Kings vying for the crowning spotlight in a saturated genre - All Time Low would go on to outgro...

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