Since My Chemical Romance hung up their hats the popular rock scene has seen an increase in various sub-genres of "emo" music. I use the word emo in quote marks because I don't particularly like it to describe a genre. Maybe it would be better to call "emo" music moody and emotive impacting and evoking certain emotions in a very clever way. It typecasts the music without fully crediting it for it's lyrical content and the musicianship that oozes passion. This small rant leads me perfectly onto bright young newcomers Concave who dropped their debut album 'Hard To Find' back at the end of May. I like that the band describe themselves as Dream Pop, much favoured genre title that really sums up the bands take on "Head In The Clouds" Pop Music. Put simply, this debut album is very very good.

Album opener 'Sway' and subsequent track 'Let Go' introduce you to a band and album that are set to deliver emotive music that builds to include amazingly simple yet catchy guitars and vocals that sound like they were recorded in a bathroom (In a good way). 'See You Through' and 'Remember To Forget' carry on along the same vein with the very ambient guitars and elongated moments of instruments chiming guitars and faded spongey drums, 'Sleepless' is all about that really simple driving chord sequence that riffs its way through the song as it builds with the inclusion of instruments as it goes. It's a real highlight amassing a good minute and 10 seconds before vocals join the ensemble. The song shine with the addition of that little bit of raw guitar. It makes the song a little more edgy. The album picks up a lot towards the end showcasing diversity in the final tracks. 'Fade Into You' drops the faded instruments and provides a little more of a punch whilst 'Here To Stay' kicks in as a straight up pop rock anthem. Final track and album closer 'Hard To Find' again hits with the solid riffs and harmonics that chime over and under ambient vocal lines. I am not yet a fan of the genre but damn do I appreciate how captivating the music can be when done well. Simply said, Concave have nailed it finding a sounds that suits comfortably yet is diverse enough to shake up their genre and blend others into creating a more unique sound. The production is incredible on the music and the progression from start to finish feels like an explosion of life and emotion. An amazing listen that had me captivated from start to finish, I may not be a fan yet but Concave have moved me one step closer to it! Great band, great debut. You can grab the album for a mere £5 at their BANDCAMP

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