Boston Manor 'Be Nothing.' ALBUM REVIEW

The Northwest Emo-punks Boston Manor are all geared up and ready to release their debut album 'Be Nothing.' via Pure Noise Records on the 30th September. This release comes a year to the day since they announced their last EP titled ‘Saudade’ with the release of ‘Trapped Nerve’ which also announced their signing with Pure Noise Records. They have 3 EPs and a split to their name so this album release couldn’t come sooner for fans. The release of ‘Be Nothing.’ will mark the transition from when Boston Manor go from being the support act to being the headliner. In the past couple of years, the band have gained success from touring with the likes of Moose Blood, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! And Knuckle Puck, just to name a few.

‘Be Nothing.’ impressively pushes the boundaries of Punk into Emo and Alt-Rock. The upcoming release is full of strong melody driven choruses and catchy instrumentals as well as hard hitting verses and fast and complicated drum rhythms supplied by Jordan Pugh. Henry Cox effortlessly demonstrates his ability to transition from soft vocals to rough and raspy shouts and how his lyrical writing abilities have developed since the last EPs. This was made clear with the release of the first single of the album named ‘Laika’.

The band stay true to their punk heritage with songs like ‘Stop Trying, Be Nothing.’ with blazing fast instrumentals which give the record a wider variety in pace. This release clearly shows how the band has matured since the last release with the variety of songs and also lyrically. The band have continued their constant progression from one release to the next and they aren’t afraid to pay homage to their older material with references to their demo EP ‘Here/Now’ in the song ‘Lead Feet’ that was released as the second single which got the long term fans even more excited for this release.

‘Broken Glass’ really marks a large step in a new direction for the bands song writing style as it is much more downbeat than anything they’ve written before and it blends in very nicely with the rest of the album. This song is a perfect example that this full length has given the band the opportunity to fulfil their potential their previous EPs didn’t. In their last EP ‘Saudade’, most of the songs were very melancholy and moodily reflected on darker times but this release is a fair amount more upbeat with songs like ‘Forget-Me-Not’ and ‘This Song is Dedicated to Nobody’. Having the ability to juggle more songs with the full length let the band write a wider variety of songs than ‘Saudade’. With these new songs in their arsenal, Boston Manor will be a tough act to follow when performing.

With the release of ‘Be Nothing.’ tomorrow, Boston Manor are set for international recognition in the world of rock. (8/10)

You can stream the album in full here:

Boston Manor are touring UK/EU in November and December with Can’t Swim and Wallflower.