SHVPES with Press To MECO & Holding Absence - Clwb Ifor Bach 20/10/16

Tonight sees three fresh faced bands take to the stage and hold their own very comfortably. Here is our review of SHVPES live at Clwb Ifor Bach with support from Harmonists Press To MECO and new blood Holding Absence. Holding Absence have been on a bit of a warpath in terms of taking shows left, right and centre to get their name out there. A recent change of their frontman and a single that has seen the band receive an impressive 32k views on YouTube has put them in a definite position of authority in the local music scene. It is no surprise then that they are first on the bill for another two up-and-coming bands on a bigger scale. Holding Absence's sound is raw, passionate and full of riffs. The band is a cool take on melodic and emotive post-hardcore music. A great opener for this show! Photo Credit:Ashlea Bea Photography Facebook: /Holdingabsence Twitter: @HoldingAbsence

Press To MECO boast an impressive and seasoned setlist and stage presence. They can dominate with pure talent without any bells and whistles and their comfort on a stage of this size shows.

With PTM's debut album safely and securely released and having toured it thoroughly it feels like a good time for the band to show us more. I would love to see the trio make a push to the next level and to jump to bigger support slots and stages. It would be interesting to see what the band can dish out and whether they can make the leap! Photo Credit: Tash Green Photography Facebook: /presstomeco Twitter: @PresstoMECO SHVPES are a really interesting blend that takes shape (No pun intended) as really REALLY interesting music and it is great to see live. An infectious infusion of rap and metal with harsh vocals that are raw and raspy with thrashy riffs and big sounds. With newest album 'Pain. Joy. Ecstasy. Despair.' firmly released how does their sound carry across live? The answer is... Pretty darn well.

Plenty of flare and an obvious fire in the bands belly too, it is great to see a fresh band taking to the stage with all the energy in the world. They do have an extra special amount of bounce in them tonight but with daddy dickinson standing at the back watching I would be giving it all too! Songs such as 'Two Minutes Of Hate' and 'Skin And Bones' sound amazing live! Great set. Facebook: /SHVPES Twitter: @SHVPESofficial