From Rust 'Lost Sense Of Life'

Every now and again a band can flash on to the radar of not just metal-core, but heavy music in general – that don’t need any gimmicks, outlandish personalities or songs featuring controversial lyrics/topics, their simple ability to shine as a musical outfit is enough to put themselves over. Somerset’s From Rust are the very depiction of this. Thrusting themselves into the spotlight with an entourage of aggression, passion and technical proficiency, the five piece’s debut EP ‘Lost Sense Of Life’ should do nothing less than place the bands flagpole high on the mountain of up and coming bands in the metal-core genre.

Opening track ‘Whispers’ is admittedly where the EP peaks, but in beautiful fashion. Featuring splicing riffs and pinches from lead guitarist Camden Gibson as well as a vocal performance from Jake Searle which is tough not to marvel at; the track is nothing short of an example of how encapsulating metal-core can sound when done right. Massive choruses, pounding rhythm’s and relentless pace – From Rust have written a true work of art here. While the EP never quite reaches the aforementioned heights again, that’s not to say that what follows lacks quality, quite the contrary in fact. ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Predictable Pain’ bring more of a metal, slogging edge that take their time to deliver all out warfare while ‘Grey World’ possesses neater tones, but choruses that are no less pummelling. Much like opening track ‘Whispers’, final track on the EP ‘Gone Forever’ has huge, slaying riffs complimented by an ensemble of razor tight proficiency and side-splitting vocals, but with the latter focusing on more of a technical downpour of chaos. ‘Lost Sense Of Life’ is an EP that is bookended with two tracks that are as powerful as any metal-core tracks you’re likely to hear this year. While time will only tell what kind of band and personalities From Rust will mature into, for a debut record, ‘Lost Sense Of Life’ is an achievement which is nothing short of excellent. Score: 8/10 Facebook:/fromrust Twittter:@FromRustOfficial