Galactic Pegasus: 'Phantom of the Hill' - Album Review

Galactic Pegasus are another of Canada’s most brutal. In the sheer technicality of Djent we’re seeing a vast explosion of bands. It’s clear we’re to see many more bands from Canada and many more bands playing Djent. So what makes Galactic Pegasus any different?

The new Album ‘Phantom of the Hill’ hits us November 18th and by the first track ‘Jenova’ we establish some of the usual staples of modern Metalcore with a pinch of energy. ‘Bottoms Up’ breaks in something harder but reveals itself more with its clean vocals. By the title track we’ve, so far, had an album treading similar paths to a lot of Metalcore. It darts almost energetically chaotic into some of its punches. Deceptive, as a faint moment shines through – in melody. After this the song almost forgets this before picking it back up for a really impressive build to a close. ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Thanatos’ feels a lot more in the realm of traditional strength and don’t quite stay with you. This is just when ‘Homecoming’ takes us back to that subtle sense of melody that showed its face a few tracks back. This time, really taking a central stage in bringing a song to the forefront of the album and not shying away from becoming varied and layered. Truly one of the better songs on the album.

From here we start to see a lot more of the changes in dynamics. ‘The Fault Line’ continues this sense of throwing emotions around for a more complete tale. ‘Revival’ continues this into more melodic territory and ‘Hypothermia’ is a step down in this vein. ‘Mare Imbrium’ marks a much more atmospheric track and coincides with a move in the album to a close, but it picks up from earlier elements of music that can hit you with a layered sense of melody. ‘Beauty’ is where we truly finish the album but seems a bit too much into the failures of some of the early songs. ‘Homecoming’, ‘More Imbrium’, and in some places ‘Phantom of the Hill’ feel like where the band start to really shine. Sustaining throughout a certain moment for energy keeps the band always on firm footing. In ripping it apart and truly playing with the music and with a forever important sense of melody the band take their songs into well worth the time territory. This can be a powerful asset to many bands and certainly can make an album. Facebook: /galacticpegasus

Twitter: @GalacticPegasus