Six Time Champion 'More Than Me' Review

British punk five piece, Six Time Champion recently released their brand new E.P 'More Than Me' which in general; holds everything you'd expect from a modern day pop punk record. With opening track, 'Lost' being a strong starter for the E.P, the song shows you exactly what direction the Brighton boys are heading with this record. Starting with a short yet sharp upbeat guitar appearance to set the tempo, the track is soon accompanied by a fast paced drum beat which propels the track forward throughout. From the get go I instantly noticed similarities in vocals to Punk heavyweights, The Story So Far with their passion filled lyrics and highly pushed vocals - something that works consistently throughout the EP. 'Down', the second track on ‘More Than Me’ maintains the high you are left with from previous song, ‘Lost’, featuring a mixture of chugging guitar riffs, the band undoubtedly created a spectacular build up with this track, leading to quite an intoxicating chorus that will have your heads banging to the beat.

Hitting the middle sector of the record - 'Every Angle' comes across somewhat mellow in parts, creating a nice change of pace. The track instantly stands out as a major sing a long melody that definitely holds live potential, something that will almost certainly connect the band with the crowd nicely. 'Uneasy' is a definite shock to the system to hear after the previous three raucous punk numbers. Although it isn't exactly rare for a pop punk band of today to throw an acoustic remedy in the mix, Six Time Champion prove that they never really grow old. The song is full of emotion from start to finish and seems to create a very cold and lonely feel, something that brings with it an intriguing level of atmosphere. Final song 'Doubt' once again packs a punch to close the E.P on a major high. Spitting out some of the more catchy riffs on the record, Doubt stands out as one of the more instrumentally pleasing tracks throughout the E.P - a nice way to round off a fairly pleasing listening experience in punk fashion. While ‘More Than Me’ isn’t quite ground-breaking, It’s safe to say that it is a strong milestone for the band and a very robust move in the right direction. Six Time Champion did many things right with this E.P and created another great listen to add to their collection, however just need to take the next step in defining their own, unique sound. Nevertheless, the record remains a fantastic listen that will undoubtedly spark another exciting tour cycle for the band. Score: 7/10 Facebook:/SixTimeChampion Twitter:@STCOfficialUK


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