The Cadillac Three w/ Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown at The O2 Academy Bristol - 11/11/16

We popped down to Bristol the other night to drink whiskey and watch grown men in checked shirts and cowboy hats rock out to some of Tennessee best southern rock on offer. Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown knocked our socks off and The Cadillac Three tore the academy a new one. Check it out...

Openers Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown know their crowd down to a tee. They are definitely old souls in a new world of music. Main man Tyler Bryant strolls on stage with his long shirt, skinny jeans and permed hair looking like a young Pete Doherty stepped on stage with all the charisma in the world.

With punchy riffs and sharp drums topped with a passionate flare, the band really encompass a Rock N' Roll stage presence. Roaring solos and moments where the band lose themselves in the music make for a great show to watch. Tyler does all that "cool down on their knees and play with your guitar in the air stuff" and its just great.

Drummer Caleb Crosby is both insane and amazing. Insanely amazing may be more apt? We managed to capture a moment where the band absolutely lost it but Caleb dismantling a drum and walking it front of stage had to top it all off. He then took it upon himself to jump into the crowd with said drum and play it there. True Rock N Roll at its best.

Plonk these guys in the Hair Metal and Rock N Roll era that saw the likes of Guns N' Roses in their prime and when the likes of Skid Row and Scorpions were kicking it hard and they would have been an instant success. But where is their place in todays music scene? Well it just so turns out that the band are in fact doing a show or two with Guns N' Roses... so pretty darn well is the answer to that. I think there will always be a place for this type of music and TB & The Shakedown are doing it very right.

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Photo Credit - Robby Klein Photography

The Cadillac Three, A band I have loved for a while. Yeah okay there are tonnes of country acts and tonnes of southern rock bands too but it isn't often that you catch one with that certain flare that makes them different. The Cadillac Three, in my opinion, have said flare merging the typical Tennessee southern drunken rock vibe with pop esque elements that is presumably why they have seen so much success.

So how does their sound come across live? Effortlessly perfect is the answer to that. Three dudes haven't made this much noise since the Motorhead days. They have stage presence aplenty just within the music they play as there is so much of their character and collective personality behind the songs.

Touching moments really added to the whole experience with tracks such as "White Lightning" and "Graffiti". Party moments found their highlights in "Peace, Love & Dixie", "Party Like You" and "Im Southern". Not a static member in the entire crowd to be seen.

This whole show was a celebration of a band very musically talented and if you haven't seen them live you quite simply need to. On a side note it was lovely to see families and a huge age range present at the show. They are a force spreading through the UK at a hell of a speed and i'm sure there will be plenty of Brits endorsing the concept of a show full of Jack Daniels fueled cowboys and country rock at its best. Tell your mum, dad, brother, sister, grandma and grandad because they will love them!

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