Review: Through Lucid Eyes 'Transient'

When you take a genre like progressive metalcore and strip it down to its bare bones, what can you expect? Technical proficiency, behemoth sounding chorus sections, and scintillating vocals, right? The truth is, throughout ‘Transient’ Canada’s Through Lucid Eyes at times do all these things, and do them spectacularly. Expectedly it’s the musicianship that stays key to the sound of the EP, and the performance of lead guitarist Ryan O’Grady is pretty much impossible to overlook. With his ability to take a somewhat stationary, run of the mill track such as EP opener ‘Fleeting Moments’ and apply clean guitar riffs that take the song into a higher echelon of quality. In truth, it’s this high-level musicianship that puts the EP over in such a positive way, with melodic vocalist/bassist Cameron Bennett rarely taking the bull by the horns and at times disrupting the pinching, fierce sounds that precede him. Both title track ‘Transient’ and ‘Set In Stone’ are anchored excellently by lead and heavy vocalist Jacob Cardinal with his take no prisoners, throttling style, but the inclusion of Bennett does divert the train from the tracks slightly. ‘Introspection’ is where the entire band collectively get it completely right however, and clocking in at 6 minutes; the track is a technical masterclass, filling the time with pounding rhythms, heart throbbing cleans and perfectly pitched vocals. It stands out unequivocally as the direction Through Lucid Eyes should take going forward. ‘Transient’ is an EP that has an incredible amount to offer, and those with a thirst for proficient, elegant musicianship will be quenched here. At times lacking in melodic vocal fire-power but more often than not; standing out as a pinpoint of musical showmanship.

Score: 7.5/10 Facebook/ThroughLucidEyes Twitter:@TheRealTLE Review by Kristian Pugh


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