Review: Hello Bear 'I Don't Know... It's Fun Though, Isn't It?'

How else is there to describe British pop rock powerhouse Hello Bear's new EP than an infectiously catchy piece of work? Being drawn imminently to the upbeat, positive vibe that new EP I Don't Know...It's Fun Though, isn't it? Betrays; the four piece create a warm and vibrant persona, filled with a constant spice of cheekiness and enjoyment.

Opening song and new single 'We Held Hands Once, But Then She Got Embarrassed' is quite the introduction to the EP. Kicking it off with a short but sweet acoustic guitar remedy, the track soon explodes into a pure anthem - combining memorable hooks alongside groovy head bouncing chorus. The infectious tones the track carries with it leave a temptation to sink my teeth into the EP, the exact effect an opening song should have.

'Mmm, Cheque Please!' is the next track on Hello Bear's four song release. Ticking off all the same fun loving characteristics thrown at us from the previous song, they keep the momentum running high through another sweet-sounding tune. Although the track is pleasant throughout, it admittedly lacks a final spark to really release the songs full potential. Yet still not a bad job by any means.

Falling on the heavier side of the pop spectrum and the lighter side of the more alternative scene, Hello Bear have a tendency to pick and take instrumental values from a variety of musical backgrounds. Merging elements from punk rock bands from the likes of Weezer, alongside teenage pop-rock acts like McFly, they also blend sprinkles of pop culture and dashes of old school funk to create their unique sound. You could say they have something for everyone.

Next song up is 'Dirty Weekend' and what a killer song it is. Propelling out passionate funk feels with a juicy thick baseline and a smoothly chugging guitar riff - this striking track will have you tapping your feet to the beat. Well it had me moving anyway...

Last up on this original 12 minute power pop record is track titled 'Attack Hug'. Ending on the considerable high they started on, ‘Attack Hug’ gives us everything Hello a Bear are capable of and more. After a calm start to the song it doesn't take long until they blast into yet another powerful rock anthem. Faced with cheerful musical elements, sugar sweet harmonies and brisk vocals there in no other way to describe Attack Hug than a quirky, one of a kind masterpiece. Really taking rage through the mid section, Attack Hug's lyrical content will have you humming along - making it the undeniable highlight track on the EP.

In conclusion ‘I Don't Know...It's Fun Though, isn't it?’ by Hello Bear is an extremely unique record, that strongly uses its influences from ranging backgrounds to forge uplifting, positive and care free material. With their aim to put smiles on people's faces, they do just that with a constant flow of energy and feel for good times - something they should be praised for. It’s clear that their music may not be to everyone's taste, that aside Hello Bear are a band that will please anyone looking for an eccentric, enthralling listen. Score: 8/10 Review by Josh Bates Facebook:/HelloBear Twitter:@HelloBearBand


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