Album Review: Circle of Dust - 'Machines of Our Disgrace'

Circle of Dust have been very busy as of late. Klayton’s brainchild, ‘Circle of Dust’ had its initial run of four albums until 1998’s ‘Disengage’. As it happens, this was when the band stopped for nearly 20 years until, in 2015, it was announced that they’d return in full force. Therefore 2016 marks a pivotal year for Circle of Dust, remastering their back catalogue and releasing a new album to get a kick-start to the band. Klayton has been very busy.

So with the intro track ‘Re_Engage’ we quickly mark our territory on Industrial grounds. The next and title track then takes things up with samples and a pounding guitar beat. We’re clearly dealing with that industrial energy, with the groove of a Metal thunder. ‘Contagion’ actually picks things up in this vein and pushes it further for a very catchy song. ‘Embracing Entropy’ has a little more melody and also features Celldweller – another Klayton project. As such, ‘Embracing Entropy’ fits right in and at times feels very dance-like. From here we go into a bit more brutality in 'Humanarchy’, whilst melding a slight variation on the sample idea that could easily be missed. We get a brief break with a warning in ‘Signal’ - a very atmospheric track. This takes us to a restart of the album in ‘Alt_Human’, which is powerfully groovy and pounding. ‘Hive Mind’ takes things into cheesier territory and we have a slow song in ‘Outside In’ – it's quite melodic in its own way. ‘Neurachem’ gets us back into a thundering pound of a groove that kicks up the energy. However, it's really with ‘Neurachem’ and ‘K_Os’ that we’re back on form and the next track, ‘Neophyte’ has some relentless pounding beats to it. We close with ‘Malacandra’, that subsides into an atmosphere of a sense of cyborg universe. Just, with a lot calmer melodies that we haven’t seen much of before. Circle of Dust definitely feel like they’ve got something to say and are ready to hit us with wires moving. They may not hit it home every time and are likely contenders for Industrial people only, but after so much time it’s good to hear the tracks that do get you. A new momentum that may well continue on a growing incline!

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