Heart Avail: ‘Heart Avail’ – EP Review

Female fronted Heart Avail are a Symphonic Metal band from Spokane, USA. Now, Symphonic Metal may have had some strong moments years ago but it was far from ever gone. Heart Avail are new to the scene but are willing to throw their lot in. Their recent EP, also called ‘Heart Avail’, feels very personal if not for the name but for being about the loss of loved ones. So ‘Heart Avail’ is an important release for the band as they take steps on their journey.

We begin with ‘Broken Fairytale’ which feels immediately atmospheric and melodic. It’s very heartfelt as it breaks into the Metal backing it up. The instruments then start to feel a lot more rough and therefore contrast a bit with the symphonic elements - for better or worse. Aleisha Simpson on vocals keep to a strong melody to really push the heart of the symphony forward. ‘Vacilation’ brings things to a faster rockier push but it’s really the symphonic elements that win out over it. ‘Always’ brings it down to a hair standing atmosphere but this is taken away from when the metal kicks in – though we add some melody before the end. ‘No Remorse’ picks things up with a rocking thud and we actually start to see something we don’t quite get fully developed early in a powerful guitar riff. This becomes fully realised in ‘Pink Lace’, which is such an exciting song to really bring the band home like a smash through the speakers.

‘Heart Avail’ shows an EP that is finding its way but starting to pick up some great paths. Melodic and exciting in a way that can connect heartfelt to a raw of Metal at its best. At its worst… perhaps we’ve just overlooked something. ‘Heart Avail’ have a lot of heart to bear, there will be more and hopefully it’ll step up. Facebook: /heartavail Twitter: @heartavail


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