Arro Jones: 'Middle of the Night' EP Review

Today I take a long overdue listen to an artist I thoroughly enjoyed back when he was in a duo called Bones. Now Arro Jones has gone solo and his debut EP 'Middle of the Night' came out a few days back. 'Fever' was the first single released and opens up the EP. It has all the melancholic vibes amongst an ambient riff and a commanding bass line. According to Arro the song is "A homage to the neon lit late night drives through Los Angeles with his then girlfriend on a trip they took together, and is about being with someone who burns with a fire that makes the world brighter." DEEP. The title track comes at a bit of a shock with a minimal backing-track and a rap effort from Arro. Don't get me wrong, it is decent but feels a little out of place compared to the first single released. Very impressive though. 'Great Northern Street' follows on the trend from the previous track. At this point I am a bit disappointed, there is no real flare to it and it kinda chugs along slowly. "One" and "Give" are definitely more like it. Cut out tracks 2 and 3 and you have yourself a really cool EP with a specific style and a general feel that fits the title of the EP. Back to the renewed and well-produced synth style and it is a very welcomed return.

So I went in thinking I was in for an EP full of laid back chilled tunes but I was well wrong. Though I appreciate Arro Jones can rap, it has nothing on his singing vocal ability and songwriting. It is also odd that the EP is structured as "Banger followed by two songs with rapping in and no singing and then another two bangers". They just feel out of place and don't really bring anything special in comparison to the other music. It also doesn't really narrow down a particular sound. Carve out the two rap tracks from this particular effort and it is great. Have a listen to 'Middle of the Night' ... Go on, do it.

Track 1, 4 & 5 ... FFO: Beach Weather, The Paper Kites, Busted (The New Stuff)

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