Thyrane: 'Black Harmony' - Demo Review

So one of the things to look forward to in 2017 would be Woodcut Records looking back at a few albums and demos. Now Woodcut Records have actually released some wonderful Black Metal over their time. Looking at some of the most impressive Finnish Black Metal you can find. Though, like one of my favourites from their output, Funeris Nocturnum, there's a lot of dead bands. Disbanded in 2006, Thyrane are being given a new spotlight. Their debut Demo is getting a re-release January 13th. Thyrane aren’t exactly very well-known and sound a lot like an early era Dimmu Borgir; and do in fact come from that legion of bands in the mid to late 90s. So why’s ‘Black Harmony’ getting a treatment and how does it fare now?

This release is one of the magical little gems to come from that time. A time when Black Metal was finding its footing and growing. Somehow there was a lot going on within Black Metal and one of the branches including some atmospheric Symphonies. Many bands would get this wrong and it was a very easy danger for many bands within the genre. ‘Black Haromony’ starts with its title track a bludgeoning experience with a symphonic melodic background. It’s clear that the buzz-saw guitars rage like a fire with some exciting vocals over the top. It simply pounds at you. Whist ‘Sacrifices’, the next track, a more smothering experience as keeps a slow melody to it - well, as slow as music with a blast beat can be. ‘Enthroned By Antichrist’ feels like a more powerful song from the outset. The violent fires of Guitars and black thunder of drums complimenting the song to make it one of the more powerful on the Demo. We close with ‘Satanic Ages Overture’ which starts awkwardly but can be forgiven for something strong and melodic to follow.

‘Black Harmony’ reflects a starting point to a band that could easily be overlooked but shouldn’t. There is a lot of power there and it really reflects a great time for Black Metal to be developing even if a bit awkwardly at times. For many who like Black Metal a bit rawer this can be a bit of a miss as there is a strong recalling of early Dimmu Borgir here. Despite this, it’s probably one of the stronger releases of that time which is why it managed to make it back into our present for 2017.

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