Dark Messiah: 'Dark Messiah' - EP Review

We’ve already had this on Digital but if you’re like me and like physical CDs, then it’s still to come on January 20th. Dark Messiah are a Canadian Metal outfit and are actually quite new to the scene. Their latest EP also called ‘Dark Messiah’ looks to bring a storm and literally starts out with one in the first track. It’s been said that they’re for fans of Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Megadeth and Anthrax and there is definitely an influence from them in the music.

As mentioned the title ‘Dark Messiah’s first and title track starts with a storm and bell – setting the tone. A thunderous cry from the band as the guitars roar on and the rest keeps up. Dark Messiah have a sense of the new band, being both enthusiastic and under produced - a sensitive energy. ‘Dark Messiah’, the track, actually falls short; we’re better by the next track – ‘No Soul to Sell’. So one big strength to the band, as seen with ‘No Soul to Sell’, are their guitars it picks a melody that brings the song forward. ‘Eliminate the Enemy’, however, brings this to a reliance in a slow build up before the song really gets going. We also really start to hear the band’s influences if we haven’t heard it before in the riffs. Ultimately the song’s vocals hold it back with a rather repetitive outlook. A quick siren and we launch into a faster and more energetic song, ‘Death from Above’, which fares slightly better from the bands efforts. ‘Your Final Breath’ the final song, is actually a strong song loaded with a fist and fast energy.

All in all, there are some noteworthy moments of the guitars melody to make this worth a listen for those who can handle the rather chaotic energy of a new band. There is a lot of enthusiasm in this EP to make Dark Messiah a band that gets better with time. ‘Dark Messiah’ the EP, though may have only scratched the surface.

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