Beth Blade and The Beautiful Disasters: 'Bad Habit' - Album Review

Having reviewed and followed Beth Blade and her Beautiful Disaster since their inception it is always great to see progress made. At this point they have made a largely ambitious leap by recording their debut full-length album via a crowdfund campaign, a very impressive move.

The leap from the bands first EP is significant. Opener 'Hell Yeah' is an explosion of sound that feels whole in comparison to the last EP in general. It is a great start to the album. Strengthened by the likes of title track 'Bad Habit' which gives a fantastic concoction of the bands sound with that little bit more flare of a single.

The pipes on Beth are incredible and weren't shown off fully on the last EP but here the time has been taken to put the focus more on her and bring her vocals to the forefront. With an album so intense and packed to the brim with Rock N Roll it is nice to hear a bit more of a varied sound in 'Poster Girl For Pain' and 'Angel With A Dirty Face', showcasing Beth's full ability as anyone who has seen her live will know all too well. Evanescense eat your heart out.

This album is all about the riffs and bends. 'Beautiful Disease', 'Hell In High Heels' and 'If You're Ready To Rock' only highlight a few but in true rock n roll fashion they come out swinging from the outset. Picture a smokey bar with a tonne of whiskey drinkers and a couple of dudes playing pool and that sets the scene of 'Down And Dirty', a riff that can only be described similarly to the song title and quite clearly about getting down and dirty. With lyrical content as filthy as the riffs its a personal highlight!

It is great to see these guys hungry to push forward. Leaping from success to success, BBATBD have made a bold move to make this album but it isn't just good, it's an incredible first effort surpassing all expectations for any band's debut let alone an unsigned local rock band. This is a real testament to talented rock bands making real music. Don't stop rocking guys!

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