Everything You Want To Know About Kier Kemp & New Project Inklings - Interview with Jess McPhee

So Kier Kemp and Fearless Vampire Killers are done, finished, kaput and we are pretty sure that it may have broken a few hearts BUT do not fear as Kier Kemp has not thrown in the towel just yet! We had Jess chat to Kier about all the exciting things he has lined up!

  • First things first, how did the name ‘Inklings’ and the butterfly logo come about?

Naming bands really isn't easy. Little fact for you I've actually never done it before either so it was odd. After much deliberation I found Inklings in a book I was reading. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. He's a Japanese author and writes in a style I've never experience before. Almost like an inner monologue but with no filter. Anyway it fit with what I wanted to say as the music is largely based on introspectively looking at relationships. At least for now. Then we come to the butterfly. The butterfly is a common image used in the famous "Rorschach test". It linked in nicely with all we were saying about introspection and what makes us us.

  • Kier, you stated on Twitter that your previous band and Michael have been friends for years - at what point did you put your heads together and decide to start this new project?

Well after things happened with FVK I knew I wanted to continue doing music. I kind of NEED to in a way. I've put so much effort into learning how the industry works and in the last year of so of my time in that band I had also started to find myself as a songwriter. Which was a responsibility I hadn't had to bare for years. So I was very excited to get some of the songs I had written recorded and try new things. At that point I thought about talented musicians who I liked and Michael was top of the list. To my great surprise and delight he said yes! We were married.

  • The first Inklings show is at the Boston Music Room on 3rd February supporting Dead! - how excited are you to be playing live again AND at a sold out venue?

Simple answer: VERY! Playing live is when being a musician becomes real.

  • Speaking of up and coming bands, are there any acts who you’re particularly excited about that we should be keeping an eye on?

Well that would be telling. Yes there's loads. I'm very excited about Grumble Bee. He writes great and unforgiving songs with a super emotional edge.

Photo Credit: Justine Trickett

Photo Credit: Justine Trickett

  • Should we expect you to tease any more new material in the run up to the gig? I’ve heard rumours floating around about a new single being on the horizon.

I'm releasing a new one this Friday 13th!

  • Why was ‘Let It Out’ the first Inklings track you released?

It seemed to sum up well what we are going for. It's a melancholy rock song with a synth-pop edge. Emotional and sometimes unpredictable.

  • How do you feel about the reaction you’ve had from fans so far?

Simply, humbled. It could have been very different. I'm telling you that much!

  • How does being a duo feel, especially while recording, compared to a ‘full’ or more ‘traditional’ band set up?

It's very liberating. I'm a bit of a control freak, I think most artists are to a degree. So only having to consult one person creatively is definitely easier I'll say that much. It also looks cool in photos. Ha!

  • Fans are anxiously anticipating at the very least an EP release in 2017 if not a full album, but what do you want to have achieved with Inklings by this time next year?

I'd just like it to have taken form properly. I'm still very much trying to find the sound, the look, the background, feel and everything else that goes with a band... but in a year it will likely have a definite form. I can say with a lot of confidence that there will at least be an EP by that time too.

  • Do either of you have any additional creative endeavours in the works? I’ve noticed you making your own merch via social media!

We certainly do. We like to keep busy. I've got various plans for the coming year but firstly I'll be launching a club night in London. Details to follow soon. Michael is also an avid writer and has been working on something for a while in his spare time!

  • What’s inspired and influenced your new sound so far?

Mainly the kind of good songwriting I think is taken for granted. Bands-wise things like The Killers, Muse, Green Day, My Chem, Brand New but I've also been listening to a lot of 90s Hip-Hop. God it's great. Tune after tune after tune of groovy goodness.

  • For new and old fans alike, how would you describe Inklings? What should we expect?

Well you can expect good songs. That comes first. Then from there we're going to keep trying to challenge you. We want this to have a very definite feel, maybe even one day influence something bigger than itself. Watch this space.

Well we for one are very, very excited to see how Inklings get on! Kier is right, watch this space!

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