Constructor 'S/T' EP Review

Good hardcore is always so hard find these days. With a scene brimming with bands that blend into one big beatdown, it’s South Wales’ very own Constructor that come barging through with a no nonsense, two-step banger of an EP.

Make no mistake, this is pure hardcore. The self-titled EP is a contemporary face smasher that subtly winks to the roots of the genre. These boys just make you want to take a tennis racket to your mum’s prized vegetable patch and rage the fuck out. With a straight forward stomp that is unrelenting throughout, but it’s the underlying groove that’s so god-damn heavy the odds of a circle pit forming around your proximity becomes a hazardous and flailing reality.

Though they don’t stray too far from your typical hardcore formula, Constructor deliver the goods sharpish. This being the band’s third release, it’s an impressive step up in form in contrast to their 2013 Secrets EP, that quite honestly, doesn’t hold a candle to this latest venture. Whether it’s the global socio-political climate or simply the current price of Freddo bars, we don’t know, but sure as hell something has this band royally pissed off. Upping the aggression factor, vocalist Ben Jones is deliberate in his projection, like a snarling dog ready to snap. We Know Nothing and Trash are pulverising songs that will leave your nose bleeding as your brain is left wondering, ‘What the hell just happened?’

Perhaps not as technical or ground breaking as others in the scene, nevertheless Constructor demand your attention. What they deliver on record is only transcended further live. For fans looking for an aggressive outlet, look no further. If this EP is anything to go by, the best is yet to come from this four-piece. Prepare yourself, a storm is coming as 2017 looks to be one exciting year for the lads. Watch this space.

Score: 8/10 Facebook:/Constructoruk Twitter: @Constructoruk Review by Hywel Davies @HywelDavies1