Memoriam: 'The Hellfire Demos II' - EP Review

A look back the harsh deep and violent cries of Death; a brutal raw smears itself with blood – it’s Death Metal. Memoriam are an exciting new band to burn a raging fire within the past year and ‘The Hellfire Demos II’ is set to bludgeon our ears January 20th.

Immediately a thundering shred weighs is down but with a piercing drum smash it brings us lower. A growl as the vocals then take over and takes a well accomplished piece of Death Metal into rawer territory. Immediately the heavy bass line takes the guitars into a guttural sound, perhaps a bit Cryptopsy, perhaps a bit Vile. The song really comes into its own half way through and takes a mediocre call back to old school Death to something a little brutal. ‘Drone Strike’ shows half and half what it could be. ‘Surrounded (By Death)’ takes a faster, muddier tone but brings its strengths out earlier for some wonderful guitar arrangements to a thundering drum-set, though it's never quite kept to by the vocals. Though again the song feels as if it was warming up as it pushes itself a little further into a much more brutal song later on. There is something to Memoriam in their muddy like Death and a sharp punch to the drum instrumentation. Within the constant bass it makes their sound a little bit more pronounced than just any demo. I’m eager to see where they’ll take it next. Facebook: /memoriam2016