Betraying The Martyr's 'The Resilient' Album Review

In the midst of a war torn world we currently live in, Betraying the Martyrs are in their case, literally shouting above the hate and anger we all seem to plague our world with. The album name in itself, The Resilient, is showing a stance against the issues we are currently faced with in today’s society, with tracks that deal with tragedy such as the Paris terrorist attacks, and a powerful portrayal of heartbreak.

Two previously released tracks, ‘The Great Disillusion’ and ‘Won’t back down’ were received well by old fans and new alike, and both promised the Martyrs upcoming album to be possibly their best yet. The 12 track record makes for an exhilarating start to finish listen, the clean vocals just as powerful as the screams as the lyrics carry such a heavy message from the 6 piece French band.

Opening track, Lost For Words, sets the tone for the album; kicking off with a brutally heavy riff, with backing vocals that some would connote with opera, before lead vocalist Aaron Matts steps in with his trademark vocals, a powerful, blood curdling scream that mirrors the passion and anger this band strive to achieve.

For a band that have been playing for eight years, with a few lineup changes, their musical ability and content surpasses their age by a considerable mile. With some of the most powerful lyrics in deathcore today. Dying to Live, track four from this well rounded record, is a song that’s packed with everything anyone could want from a song, from a brilliant guitar solo, to a catchy chorus, and a breakdown enough to bring any venue down. This album offers more with every listen, proving hard to find a fault.

Title track, 'The Resilient', stands true to everything this band is: energetic, heavy, pissed off, and as advertised, resilient. It speaks a very strong message that is consistent throughout the whole album, standing strong for what you believe and not being knocked down, a positive message for a band with such a dedicated following, and therefore a huge influence.

Amidst such a solid album, most will agree that Won't Back Down is the track that's hit home with the majority. Released November 2016, it holds tribute to the Paris terrorist attacks that took place in November 2015. The band, prominently from Paris, released the single with the statement, One year after the terrible Paris attacks, let us remember who we are, and what we stand for, lest we forget. Aside from The Great Dillusion being released, this was the first indication that this was an album that could, and in my opinion, will take this band to a new level. Score: 9/10 Facebook:/wearebetrayingthemartyrs Twitter: @martyrstweets Review by Jay Kirk Facebook:/jay.kirk.927 Twitter: @jayykirk07