Kilkovec 'Plunge' EP Review

Kilkovec weave in a vibrant addition to British Punk Rock with Plunge. They blend tones typically found in Alternative avenues of Rock with the raw amalgamation of Punk bands like Letlive. The intro track ‘Plunge’ comes across as a track that could be cut from the EP entirely, on the basis that second track ‘Change’ is where the band enter the frame. It features an amazing starting riff and progresses into a fully fleshed out alternative power house. The vocals are warming, well performed and lyrically brilliant.

‘Just Get Better’ is perhaps where the band showcase for the first time their punk influence. Gritty toned chords crash through the high octane cymbals and bass accompanied by dominant drums. Although the band mesh Alternative Rock with Punk Rock, here the vocal track borders on Hardcore Punk styles found in bands like Sick of It All. A welcome addition to the mix and it binds so well to the instrumentation.

‘Somerset Cottage’ features some brilliant guitar work paired with powerful choruses. Anthem-like is perhaps the best string of words for Somerset and its successor ‘40,000 Leagues and Counting’. Both are heart felt, emotional tracks with a lot of ballsy Punk choruses. Lyrically ‘40,000 Leagues’ could be the highlight of the album and with again amazing instrumentation it’s not hard to validate the statement.

‘Constructive Criticism’ is an Interlude track and allows you to break from the EP for a short time, which cleverly has you begging for more Kilkovec. In true style they break into the penultimate track Go On which starts with fresh styled vocals and that killer power tone, by this point you have come to crave. Pairing that with brilliant percussion work and bass work and the concoction leaves you satisfied.

Finally, ‘Here’s To You’ pulls the experience to an end with great expertise and musical prowess. Kilkovec are a band I see making it big in the scene and offering something fresh to the genre. Score: 6/10 Facebook:/Kilkovec Twitter: @Kilkovec Review By Martin Turner Twitter: @MartinnTurner


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