The Great Old Ones: 'EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy' - Album Review

I’m starting to feel like something is happening in France. It feels like a bit of a sheering anger is making itself heard from the depths of France and I almost feel stupid not to have heard it sooner. One such dark presence comes in the form of The Great Old Ones, a Black Metal band from Bordeaux. You just wouldn’t see this coming. Making a foreboding shriek from such waters The Great Old Ones are coming at us. Evil never sounded so ominous.

Recently released, EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy, almost has a creepy classical warm up before breaking the silence with “I’m Finally Here” and launching into an onslaught so violent in ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ which really has a dark shadow of atmosphere as its relentless drumming and burning guitars open up the carnage. There’s a sense of Winterfylleth at work but more violent, whilst a slight stab of the atmosphere of Limbonic Art to be faintly heard. All the while the deep vocals almost sound like Dark Funeral with a range to come in with some shrieks of Burzum. It’s an exciting piece of carnage. A desperate victim in the dark as the guitars ring out afterwards and with a solid thud of drums we’re back into another slower but just as powerful track in ‘When the Stars Align’ but again the violence and melancholic melodies smash together again for something powerful before the song is done.

The drummer really starts to show a sense of atmosphere for the next song: ‘The Ritual’. The slow song really builds upon the power of the piece as it really tears upon a strong brutality only to be captured by the darkness of Black Metal. The guitars show this piece for a slow take on a violent form of Metal. Songs like this don’t always work and aren’t always accepted, as if Metal can’t be slow – well listen to this! In reality it is a song in two halves and it’s soon broken by a blastbeat that takes it into faster territory. A quiet drone and we have some clean vocals, adding a sense of foreboding to the album and it is certainly slower in a sense that I’ve heard Watain do. We’re setting up for something.

‘In Screams and Flames’ has more of a relentless grind on you as everything picks up to its usual violence pared with an almost unbelievable evil atmosphere. Working dark melodies in over complex and precise aggression. With songs like these I am always surprised to hear of their length, quickly and energetically going from section to section I’m easily fooled by the sheer violence at hand. EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy ends with ‘Mare Infinitum’ which is the albums final cry for a classical melancholy over a climax of aggression.

EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy shows The Great Old Ones hand for atmosphere and melody under something really quite dark and aggressive. It burns, it burns fiercely, it burns slowly but it burns with an evil rage captured on an album.

Facebook: /thegreatoldones

Score: 8/10