Retro Youth 'B.R.A.V.E' Album Review

‘A Brief Moment of Calm’ is a beautifully crafted instrumental which lasts approximately one minute and forty-nine seconds, which is definitely not long enough. It’s a relaxed track with an addictive melody that’s easy to get lost in.

‘A Long Time Coming’ is an energetic, fast-paced track with gritty vocals and clean backing vocals. The story-line is relatable and the lyrics are catchy and easily audible. This track does an excellent job of showcasing the trio’s talents because of the multiple elements and layers that work in harmony with one another.

The intro to ‘Brave’ is intense and majestic with the harmonies adding depth and meaning to the lyrics. However, when the track picks up for the chorus, the lyrics are lost behind the instruments, which makes it hard to follow. The stand-out parts of the track are definitely hidden within the verses, as opposed to the chorus.

‘Bruises’ is a cool track, with punchy lyrics delivered in a rap style. The chorus includes a famous saying ‘sticks and stones may break my bones’ which is something we’ve all heard before but Retro Youth have put their own twist on the words by adding “...but it makes me a better man.” The musical style of the track, specifically the guitar melodies have a clear resemblance to that of ‘Two Door Cinema Club’.

Inaudible vocals, is a common issue with several of Retro Youth’s songs, specifically with ‘Dream Alive’ and ‘F.I.N.E’ which is a shame as the lyrics are relatable and catchy, that being said both tracks have interesting melodies and seem to have been produced to a high standard.

The track ‘Hometown Homesick’ is accompanied with an impressive music video that can be found on YouTube. The track definitely has a summer-time feel and sports a clear resemblance to ‘The 1975’ with its similar vocal delivery, specifically within the verses. Similarly, to ‘Dream Alive’ and ‘F.I.N.E’ the lyrics aren’t always as clear as they could be but the guitar solo, near the end of the track definitely makes up for this discrepancy.

The vocals in ‘Let It Burn’ differ greatly to the rest of the album as they take on more of a classic rock undertone. This track is another cool representation of the band and showcases the various musical styles that they have to offer.

In ‘Lips As Leaders’ the vocals are completely overpowered by the instruments and unlike the other tracks the storyline is impossible to follow. On the upside, the track delivers a spectacular guitar riff that runs throughout.

The intro to ‘Love the Monster’ sounds like an instrumental that would be featured in the cult movie ‘Pulp Fiction’. However, the chorus’ melody sounds incredibly similar to a famous ‘Maroon 5’ song. It may be too bold to say but Retro Youth seem to have taken inspiration from many different sources in order to produce this album, which is something I’m sure many artists do, but maybe not so obviously?

‘Smile’ appears to be a filler track and sounds too similar to some of the other songs on the album. ‘Lost and Found’ has too many elements to it, which unfortunately gives the impression that the track is messy and has been thrown together without too much thought. It’s a shame as it’s the last track on the album and should have gone out with a bang. Score: 7/10

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Review by Gemz Edwards Facebook:/gemzali92