Morta Skuld: 'Wounds Deeper Than Time' - Album Review

Sounding like the Death Metal likes of Vile, Carcass and Bloodbath (in fact very much like Bloodbath taking from that early brutalities); Morta Skuld aren’t actually new but feel it. Their efforts to keep the brutalities that kicked Death Metal off to begin with but with a bit of a contemporary edge can quickly be certainly felt. Wounds Deeper Than Time will be released 17th February via Peaceville and is their first full length album since their reformation in 2012.

Beginning with a heavy thudding, ‘Breathe in the Black’ gives an almost slow start before throwing everything in. It gets melodic and then the true energy of the guitars kicks in. The vocals deep and dark and giving it a firmly rooted brutality. The guitars and bass really compliment the band’s sound and the carnage that ensues has a mature violence that feels well accomplished. ‘Hating Life’ is faster but it’s main riff is a slow burner and especially when compared with the melody of the guitar solo that instantly grabs you. ‘Hating Life’ just doesn’t seem to have the energy however and when ‘My Weakness’ takes over it really highlights this sense of energy. The onslaught is a lot more powerful. ‘Against the Origin’ has the feeling of an old school death classic almost straight from the word go and is the best example of their roots. The mess and violence of ‘In Judgment’ really switches the band into a more contemporary sounding edge. What persists with a bassline and drums, reminds me of their true potential. The guitars that tear this up and through really turns things up a lot but there’s a sense that the break into the vocals and chorus really take something from the song and sound like some of the under accomplished moments of Trauma. ‘In Judgment’ have some truly powerful moments of instrumentations and boasts one of the better solos of the album in spite of the rather unfortunate chorus. The title track of the album has a harder and steadier beat to make for an exciting song. ‘Scars Within’ then gives you that sense of moshing energy that gives such life to a song. ‘Devour the Chaos’ has a strength to it but it falls easily within the rest of the album to easily be missed if not paying attention. We close with ‘Becoming One Flesh’ that has a wonderful sense of melody to close the song and the album. The guitars working in such a complimenting way to really make it worthy of mention.

Morta Skuld have given us an album that really show a pride in their roots and give us why Death Metal can be so exciting. It feels that the album strikes a happy medium of old and new with a drudging gore to it that only Death Metal can achieve. If anything there are a few tracks that can easily jump out at you whilst otherwise you’re letting each song blend into each other a little too comfortably. Well refined and brutal sounds from Morta Skuld.

Score: 6/10

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