Ezio 'Daylight Moon' Album review

Daylight Moon caters for so many different kinds of music, while still maintaining it’s own style - jazz, folk, singer-songwriter, country, rock...it’s got it all. The songs reminds me of Tom Petty, Nick Drake, The Lumineers - yet it steadfastly holds its own style. The frontman’s rich tenor voice fits every song perfectly, capturing each style beautifully - he can make you smile, then dance, then contemplate life, then cry.

The songs: The album opens with 'Hey Little Girl', a really sweet ditty, perfect for a sunny day. Stripped down with just voice and a simple ukelele part, this song is short and cheerful. 'Indian' completely changes the mood, transitioning towards a more rocky sound, with electric guitar and drums. With a simple tune, they’ve made a great rock track that’s a lot of fun to listen to, with a great catchy chorus. 'Dirty Little Secret' turns to a singer-songwriter plucked style, distinctly reminding me of a Nick Drake song, especially with the violins that appear in the middle of the song.

'Crushed' employs fun blues-rock rhythms - another style change! This one reminds me of a soft Tom Petty song, with a distinct guitar phrase between verses, and a wonderful guitar solo that makes me want to dance. 'Been A Long Time Coming' is a sort of fusion between rock and country - it’s a cheerful sounding song with wonderful lyrics - it doesn’t just make me want to dance - is it possible not to smile like a loony and sway along to this song? 'Pain In My Heart' is a beautiful, sad song - perfect for a rainy day. It’s so relatable and calming to listen to.

'The Gypsy Song' yet again brings another change - a gypsy-jazz song that brings up the mood from the previous song and will have you tap dancing in seconds. It's short and sweet and transports you to parisian streets with the romantic sound of buskers playing in the background. The title track, 'Daylight Moon', is a really sweet song in ¾, with simple but enchanting lyrics, and a great rhythm. I love the slow beat in the background and the calm ending. The album finishes by returning to a calm jazzy rhythm accompanied by a violin, guitar, and simple drum beats. It’s an interesting look at the idealism of heaven.

Overall feel: Ezio effortlessly employs the use of so many genres, all of which they appear to be hugely experienced in. Their lyrics are clever and well-written (I could only hope to write lyrics this good in my own songs!), their melodies perfectly compliment the guitars, and their songs are a pleasure to listen to, with catchy choruses. What genre are they? Who knows - but it doesn’t matter. I love that this album is so varied - they clearly have a very mixed taste in music, and let that shine through their music which, despite the difference in songs, seamlessly rolls together into a great album. The big question is, which is my favourite on the album? I’ll be listening to this one over and over.

Rating: 9/10