Album Review: Krysthla 'Peace In Our Time'

Word on the metal vine has it that anyone that cares very little for their headbanging related whiplash need to have Krysthla in their lives in 2017. This British five-piece are certainly getting people’s attention with their brand of megaton, fist-to-your-face death metal. Formed in 2013, the Wellingborough quintet were put on this planet for one good reason – to seek and destroy. With the approval of celebrated publications such as Metal Hammer and Terrorizer hailing their efforts, the future of Krysthla already looks bright.

Though their debut album, A War Of Souls And Desires, had the metal community across the UK shaking in their camos, it’s their sophomore release Peace In Our Time that needs to cement this band as mere one trick ponies. So does it deliver the goods? To put this album in perspective, the last time anyone was being bombarded this hard, dinosaurs wondered what that fiery rock was in the sky? You will find no peace with this record, it is barbaric in its deliverance and will pound your brain into the dust.

Right off the bat, ‘The Minor Mystery Of Death’ sets the stage with an epic intro that paints a picture that would fit right in on any battleground. The anticipation for something brutal to come smacking you in the face is unbearable - then the iron fist arrives. The full force of what this band are capable of puts your faith back into humanity in the most disturbing fashion possible. It’s not uncommon for bands these days to have multiple labels strapped to their forehead these days, but with Krysthla it’s a little more complex than that. Their overall death metal arch is by far their most dominant feature, but the progressive sways of the rhythmic barrage of Carl Davis [bass] and Wayne Minney [drums] is unqualified.

From the blast beats of ‘Yawm al-Qiyamah’ (Arabic for doomsday), the tide turns abruptly to catch your breath with ‘Depths’ as a false sense of security takes over, only to crush your senses into oblivion. It is ultimately an album about war, so this level of soul disparaging force makes sense in context.

Krysthla tick all the boxes from what today’s audience looking for in a contemporary metal band, and ‘PIOT’ does just that to deliver the goods. They only thing that really holds this band back is that they might already be set the bar too high. Not a bad thing by any means, however after listening to this record, you’ll want more… a lot more. It will be interesting to see where this album will take them on their journey. They aren’t reinventing the wheel, but when you realise this album runs on tracks – fuck that round bastard! Score: 8.5/10 Facebook:/krysthla Twitter: @krysthlaband Review by Hywel Davies


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